Monthly Archives: December 2010

Extending The Irrigation System

The builder had installed an irrigation system to water the front lawn, shrubbery around the house, front tree, and the myoporum on the eastern slope.  It was centered on the front (Southern) and eastern side of the house. It was primarily a sprinkler system with some drip lines. The system was controlled by a timer in the garage, with eight stations, some of which were unused.

My goals in extending the system were to

  1. Convert the sprinklers to drip lines to conserver water.
  2. Extend the system to include the North and West sides of the yard. This included the deck and the extensive slope below the deck.

The valves were located in a covered box just East of the house. I determined to extend the water line and the electric wires from there to the newly created area under the deck. There, I could place additional valves to control irrigation in the areas I planned to develop. I devised a manifold with four valves.



I installed it underneath the deck, anchored to the rebar extending from the gabion cages.