Monthly Archives: January 2011

Installing Gabion Cages

So the excavation under the deck began.


I tossed the dirt down the slope, but carefully harvested the rocks in buckets and sand bags. These rocks would be used to fill the gabion cages to make the retaining walls.


Once there was room, I installed the first cage. I filled it with rocks, then used two or three 3/8″ or 1/2″ rebar to anchor the cages into the soil. As I stacked the cages on top of each other, the rebar was inserted in the rocks to provide stability between the cages. Notice the rebar sticking up out of the cages. For cages placed side by side, I ran rebar horizontally between them as well.FirstCagesUnderDeck1-5-2011 I also tied the cages together with the galvanized wire.