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Veganpalooza 8-19-13

There was no Veganpalooza on 8-19, but I found notes from two speakers who weren’t on the original schedule. My guess is that they were added to the schedule. In any case, here are the notes.

Holli Thompson

Leafy greens are loaded with proteins, calcium, and vitamin K

A green smoothie with lemon has chlorophyll and is a great detox

To start eating healthy, add one salad a day. add healthy foods, then ease off gluten and dairy.

Today’s environment is full of toxins. use gradual detoxification – don’t overdo it until your body is ready

check out for free recipes.

Try CSA – Community Supported Agriculture. You pay for regular delivery of local produce.

Add live healthy foods to your diet with enzymes intact.


Andrea Beaman

Heal yourself and reclaim your health. Get off processed food. Andrea cured her thyroid in 2 years by avoiding processed foods. She writes positive thoughts into her daily planner. Convert negative thoughts into positive and write them down.

We are eating toxins that are killing beneficial bugs.

1. Get off processed food and eat real food.

2. Chew food more. It is less stress on your internal organs.

3. Love your body parts

Veganpalooza 8-15-13

VP 8-15-13


This was the first day of the conference. We caught a few of the interviews. Most notable were Dr. Greger and Rip Esselstyn.

Dr. Greger’s website, has become our go to site for accurate nutritional information. We subsequently say Dr. Greger live on Sept 29th, 2013 at the Joyce Beers Community Center in San Diego. See the post on that date.

We were already familiar with Rip’s Dad from the Forks over Knives video. We signed up for a 30-day trial of Rip’s Engine 2 website.