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Tips for becoming vegan


Eating vegan in a world dominated by meat and dairy can be make you feel a bit isolated at first. However, the world is changing, and there are an amazing number of resources if you dig into it. Here are some examples.
First, check out the video “Forks over Knives” on Netflix. It’s pretty powerful. and they have associated websites. and
Our favorite site to get the most definitive facts about nutrition is Dr. Greger scans the latest research and makes short, entertaining videos to keep us up to date. And it’s free!
There are some online magazines – I like vegWorld. see or download the app on your iPad.
There are more vegan and veg-friendly restaurants popping up all the time. In San Diego, my favorites include Plumeria on park ave and Native Foods (3 san diego locations). Good web resources are and
At,  sandiegovegans and sandiegorawvegans both have potlucks, cooking classes, and other events where you can network with others. And there are websites with tips on becoming vegan:

Of course, you can check out my blog for recipes and other articles about a plant-strong lifestyle include a four part article on how Donna and I manage being vegan (search for vege story)
The bottom line is that you are not alone, and you have lots of resources available. Use them.