Bramble Yard Journal

My backyard transformation seems to have a life of its own. It grows in fits and spurts. I seem to be drawn from one project to another, inspired by things Donna and I have seen in our travels, or just a new inspiration suggested by the shape of the terrain, or the flow of water, or an improvement on a previous creation. I’ve long since learned not to be overly planful or controlling of the process. It’s much more energizing to just go with the flow and watch the yard grow organically.

There is no way to chronicle the evolution of the yard in a linear fashion. A more useful approach is a pictorial journal organized by meaningful groupings such as sections of the yard or significant features such as the deck and the water system. With this in mind, I created a Web Journal (using iPhoto on my iPad). I update it periodically and publish it to iCloud. You can view it at any time to see the latest changes. Click on this link, or copy it into your browser:;CAEQARoQYcG3XcSyaTPPSzN8aQt5vw;59C171A9-2F00-4BEE-92F6-D96AA7B38720

I’ve included a few sample pictures in the slideshow below. Enjoy!






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