Dad’s visit 12-27-13 through 12-31-13

Friday 12-27

I drove to a shopping center in Huntington Beach to pick up Dad. Kathryn had collected him in Simi Valley and drove him down to the rendezvous point. Thanks Sis! We met about 11:30am. Here’s the amazing part. I had inquired about two reasonably priced tickets to the Chargers last game and it turns out that the seller lived in Huntington. So I was able to pick up the tickets in the same shopping center! Talk about living right.

On the way home, we did a lot of shopping – veggie meats at 99 Ranch, gas for the car, home depot, and Brook’s place to pick up a greywater conversion kit for the clothes washer.

Had dinner and did some food prep and gift wrapping for family Christmas

Saturday 12-28

Did a workout to Gilad video with Dad. It’s pretty fast paced for him, so I’ll look for something more moderate. Dad also tried out my electric razor and liked it. Seems like it would be easier for him rather than lathering up with shaving foam and a straight razor. Prepared salad, Neatloaf, and spanicopita for lunch. Guests arrived after 10am. I gave Dennis a tour of the yard, and he had a few suggestions such as how to make my own faux rock waterfall out of concrete. Then, it was time for Stockings.


Someone ended up with coal in their stocking. I wonder who . . .


Dad shows off the stockings hung from the stair rail.








Nearly every individual item was wrapped, so it is quite a process to open the stockings. It is a fun tradition. IMG_4329

Then, we had a gift exchange. Lynette and Paul were absent due to illness, but they sent their gifts ahead and we included them in the process. Dad ended up with a nice fuzzy blanket. I get a kick out of the gift exchange as the gifts change hands.



Lunch was a sit down affair with a new un-meatloaf recipe, spanakopita, heavenly salad (inspired by the Loving Hut), and pumpkin pie. Yummy and filling.




After lunch, the guys went outside hone their disk golf skills. Dad shows off his form. Donna Jacobs stayed for dinner and a few rousing hands of Skip Bo. Dad won both games. Who knew he was such a card shark.


Later that night, we went looking for Christmas lights. We found some amazing displays, including one whose lights pulsated in time with the music.

Sunday 12/29


Sunday was all about the Chargers game. Donna took off to her ministers meeting and Dad and I prepared food for the game. We took a nap in the sunny back yard, and woke up just in time to drive to the trolley station. The trolley ride was easy, but getting into the stadium was not. The NFL has new regulations. Backpacks, shopping bags, fanny packs, etc are not allowed. So, we had to check our possessions at a remote location in the parking lot before entering. The game was amazing. The Chargers got 10 points behind to a second string Kansas City team, but they managed to come back and tie it at the end, then win in overtime. So, the Chargers made it into the playoffs, against all odds. The fans were ecstatic, and in the commotion, Dad lost his footing and scraped his forearm. Fortunately, no harm done. I’ll have to stick to him more closely, since he is a bit less steady on his feet these days.

Monday 12/30

Dad and I hit some tennis balls in the morning. He tried out my spare racket, and liked it. so, he won’t need to bring his own in the future. After lunch, we


started cooking for another celebration with daughter Taira and her crew. We made acorn squash stuffed with quinoa, pasta for the youngins, cooked Gardein stuffed turkey rolls, spanikopita, and pumpkin pie for dessert. It was great seeing Taira, John, and their daughters Isabella (4+) and Penelope (2). The


girls opened gifts and played with silly putty, our bouncy musical santa hat, and the piano. We even managed to get the girls to pose for a photo with their great-grandfather. Donna and I played a few Christmas songs on the piano, ukulele, and flute. Dinner and dessert were enjoyed by one and all.

Tuesday 12/30

I drove Dad home. Donna had some things to do in San Diego, so she decided to drive up on New Years Day.



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