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Donna and I hotfooted it back to San Diego from Simi Valley visiting Dad to make it in time for Dr. Greger’s Presentation on nutrition.

We first became aware of Dr. Greger in VeganPalooza. GregerPicThis was a four day extraveganza in August of online interviews of movers and shakers in the world of nutrition and animal well being. Greger particularly impressed us as being extremely knowledgeable, and totally research based. He scours all the latest research, and distills it in digestible form for the rest of us. His website:


contains tons of free videos on all aspects of nutrition. Here is the invite for the presentation:

GregerPresentationThe presentation was amazing. Greger went through the 10 top causes of death in the US – heart disease, cancer, respiratory, etc. In each case, he cited research to show the amazing effects of a plant-based diet on limiting and in many cases reversing the disease. The Q & A session afterward was extremely informative. Some of the tidbits we gleaned include –

  1. Heart disease is a choice. Populations that eat totally plant based have zero heart disease. In the US, we all have athersclerosis since the age of 10. We can cure it by eating plant strong.
  2. We need to have zero trans fat (animal fat). Zero.
  3. avoid eggs to limit cholesterol.
  4. Erectile disfunction is often an early indicator of cardiovascular issues. the next indicator may be early death.
  5. Cancer cells need methionine to grow. The highest source of methionine is fish, followed by chicken.
  6. Legume consumption is the most important predictor of longevity.
  7. Eggs and poultry consumption drastically increases likelihood of prostate cancer.
  8. Berries cured esophegal cancer
  9. Pathogens from a whole chicken infect your kitchen without even eating it. Don’t bring it into your house.
  10. The benefits of eating produce far outweigh the risks of sickness from pesticides in non-organic produce. E.g. if everyone in the US at one more serving of vegetables every day, it is estimated that it would save 20,000 lives per year, but only 10 would die from pesticides. So, eat veggies no matter what. If you can get organic, all the better.
  11. Egg whites have lots of calories, but are devoid of other nutrition (fiber, phytonutrients, etc.) So, get your calories in foods that have better nutrition.
  12. Current guides for LDL cholesterol levels are too high. Many people die with cholesterol levels in the “optimal” range. Best to target an LDL level of 70, or better yet, 50.
  13. Only consume coconut oil if you have super low LDL levels. Donna and I are going to reexamine our oil intake to see how to limit or elimate it.
  14. Microwave my decrease the nutrition of some foods, but only slightly. It also increases the nutrition of others. So, eat veggies any way you like them – microwave, steam, boil, bake, etc.
  15. eating meat increases the risk of alzheimers 2 to 3 times. Not eating meat is the best treatement of multiple sclerosis.
  16. Only two supplements necessary for vegan lifestyle are vitamin D and vitamin B12. for B12, one tablet per week or B12 fortified foods will do it.
  17. Gluten. only 1 in 144 are severely allergic to gluten. If you suspect, do a one week trial w/o any gluten.
  18. Soy has different effects on different parts of the body. Eat legumes including soy. legumes are the healthiest source of protein.
  19. Calcium – try collard greens and kale.

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