Kater Veggie Pizza


1 large Boboli (or other brand) pizza Dough
1 small jar of spaghetti sauce
1 small jar of artichoke hearts
1 Green bell pepper – sliced into rings
1 Red bell pepper – sliced into rings
2 tomatoes – sliced
Italian seasoning
Lemon pepper
Virgin olive oil
2 packages 8 oz vegan mozzarella style cheese shreds
2 cloves garlic – minced
1 small can of sliced olives
1/2 Onion – sliced
Sliced mushrooms
Sliced Tofurkey or other meat substitute (optional)
Spread sauce over the Boboli. Add minced garlic and spread around the top. Sprinkle olive oil lightly on sauce. Add lemon pepper and Italian seasoning. Add cheese.
Sprinkle more Italian seasoning
Add onions and bell peppers
Add sliced tomatoes and artichoke hearts
add sliced olives and mushrooms
Bake at 450° for about 20 to 25 minutes


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