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I’ve been eating plant strong for about a year now. Where do I get the recipes? Well, I bought a few vegan cookbooks, and attended numerous cooking classes in which the presenter provided recipes. However, the main source of recipes has simply been to do a Google search. Sometimes I’ll find a non-vegan recipe and have to “veganize” it. I select the text of the recipe from the website, copy it, then open up a new note in my Evernote database app. Evernote is great. I can copy and paste a new recipe in on my iPhone, iPad, or iMac, and the recipe is instantly available on all my devices. So, when it’s time to cook, I open evernote on the iPad, and the recipe follows me as I move about the kitchen.


But today, I had a epiphany in how I look for recipes. It’s called Youtube. Yes, I knew youtube existed, but I spend very little time poking around for Youtube videos.

So, I had an urge to watch a vegan cooking show on the televison. In the past, I’ve searched through Netflix and HuluPlus on my Roku box. Yes, there are cooking shows, but I haven’t found any that are really dedicated to plant strong eating. So, I decide to switch from Roku to Apple TV, on which I can access Youtube on TV. As you can see from the picture below, I did a search for vegan desserts. It brought up an incredible number of videos – something like 88,000 recipes. Shocking!


Then the magic happened. I scrolled down a bit further, to discover that there are playlists. In fact, there were about 16,600 playlists relating to vegan dessert – vegan dessert, sweet vegan desserts, raw vegan desserts, etc. So, I tried out a couple of playlists. The playlists are great. You load in one show, and it just keeps playing video after video. If you don’t like the host or the recipe, backup up and try another one. Many of the shows listed the ingredients and measurements as text overlays on the videos, but some didn’t. That’s okay. Most of the videos have an associated website where you can find the complete recipes.


This will change the way I search for recipes. I’ll browse for recipes on TV, then use a computer or iPad to save the recipe to Evernote if it is a keeper.

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