Rip’s Big Bowl



Start your day with this healthy, nutritious breakfast.


1/4 cup raw old-fashioned oats
1/4 cup Grape Nuts or flakes or Ezekiel brand equivalent
1/4 cup bite-size shredded wheat
1/4 cup Uncle Sam cereal
1 tablespoon ground flaxseed meal
2 tablespoons raisins
 2 tablespoons walnuts
1 tablespoon pumpkin seeds
2 tablespoons protein powder
1 tablespoon hemp seeds
1 tablespoon popped amaranth
2 tablespoons cultured coconut milk
1 banana, sliced
Selections from fruit bowl – grapes, apple, orange, kiwi, melon, berries
¾ cup unsweetened milk substitute of choice (soy, almond, coconut, rice)


Toss all dry ingredients into a bowl.
Cut up assorted fruit and add to the bowl. Slice up one banana in small chunks.
Top the bowl with milk substitute.
In a pinch, simply add water (the fruits blend with the water and give it a sweet taste)

You can buy flaxseeds in bulk and grind them in a coffee grinder.
Store ground flax, hemp seeds, amaranth, and cultured coconut milk in the fridge.
We obtain the amaranth from a local grower. It should be more widely available in time.
You can store equal amounts of the four cereals in a large tupperware container. Mix well.


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