Stir Fry




Stir fry is one of our favorite ways to prepare our vegetables. The dish tends to be different every time – a unique combination of vegetables, spices, herbs, oils, and occasional fruit and nuts. The general process is described below and in the slide show above.
1. sautee onions in the wok using water or grape seed oil.
2. meanwhile, steam sweet potatoes in the microwave
3. in a separate skillet, sautee the mock chick’n (chick’n strips or chick’n scallopini)
4. when the onions are caramelized, add in vegetables with the toughest first (potatoes, carrots, peppers) and the fast cooking veggies last (basil, greens, mushrooms, pineapple, nuts).
5. add spices and cooking sauces.
6. add the mock meat or tofu.
7. mix together and let simmer a bit to let the flavors mingle.
8. serve over quinoa or rice – use a spoon to get some of the juices from the wok to flavor the quinoa
Sauces & spices:
grapeseed oil or water-  to start the onions
sweet cooking rice wine (kotteri mirin or Aji-mirin)
stir fry sauce
worchestershire sauce
soy sauce or Bragg amino acids
chinese five spices (our favorite)
thai seasoning
sweet potato
bell peppers – green, red, yellow, orange
yellow crook necked squash
zucchini or other green squash
cabbage or bok choy – optional
leafy greens – kale, swiss chard, collard greens
basil and morning leaves
water chestnuts
pineapple – for a bit of sweet
cashews or sliced almonds
Serve with:

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