Third Plant-Strong Potluck – Sat 11/16

Our 11/16/13 plant-strong potluck was wonderful. Donna got sick at the last minute, so she stayed up stairs. She was missed, but the party must go on!

After most of the guests arrived, we did a yard tour en masse. The newest feature of the yard is  signs for individual plants and main areas. They are printed on metal, and really stand out. We also have a new wild edibles section.

After the tour, I put on the latest Dr. Gregor video – More than an Apple a day. It’s about the most common reasons that people visit their doctor and how to avoid or minimize these visits. I intended to show only 10 minutes or so to introduce everyone to Dr. Gregor’s great research work, but when I tried to pause it, they said “keep going!” People loved it. In fact some guests reported that they rewatched the video online at, and even forwarded the link to several friends. If you haven’t been to, make a point to visit. Greger posts a free video every week day containing the latest research results on nutritional topics. It is an amazing public service. Hat’s off to you Dr. Greger.

About half of the party ate dinner in the dining room, and the other half watched the remainder of the video as we ate.

The rest was a blur as I simultaneously played the host and attempted to eat as many dessert items as humanly possible. Fortunately, I took a few pictures to capture some of the action. See the slideshow below; click to view the next slide.

Donna and I will announce the next get together to those on out plant-strong mailing list.




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