Hi! I’m David Kater. Welcome to my blog site. There are several things I’m passionate about, and this site is a way of sharing those with you. The topics include digital art development, my landscape project, caring for my last remaining parent, and enjoying a plant-strong lifestyle.


The posts will appear by date on the home page with the topics mixed together. However, if you are interested in one topic only, just click on the category, such as Plant Strong Lifestyle. Then, you will only see posts in that category. Click on David Kater Blog to view all the posts in date order.

Digital Art Development: These posts will describe my journey as a digital artist. I’ve investigated and developed art with many techniques and media. I’ll share some of the techniques and results.

Landscape: Donna and I moved into our La Mesa home in October 2010. The Ease and North sides of the quarter acre lot share a common feature – a huge, steep slope from 10′ to 15′ long. It was totally unusable and filled with weeds and ground cover. I determined to turn it into useful terraces on which we could grow flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. I wanted to include seating areas and water features. I also wanted to do it on a minimal budget, using material found on the property or recycled materials donated by others. The posts will document the innovations and conservation techniques that I am using to transform the property into a self-sustaining oasis .

Last Remaining Parent: My Dad, Dick, is our last remaining parent. Donna’s Mom passed in 2013, and my Mom passed a few years earlier. So, the posts will document our experiences with our last remaining parent.

Plant Strong Lifestyle: in September 2012, we watched the video Forks Over Knives on Netflix. It was extremely compelling, and Donna and I decided right then and there to change our eating habits to a totally vegan diet. That is, a whole foods, plant-based diet, with no meat of any kind and no dairy (no cow’s milk, cheese, yogurt) and no eggs. We went back and forth at first on including eggs, but subsequently discovered how unhealthy they are, so eggs are excluded as well from our daily intake. The more we learn the more passionate we have become in the belief that everyone who values their health should be eating vegan. It’s better for the planet and the animals as well. So, we started hosting plant-strong potluck parties. Some of the posts will include recipes contributed by those who attend these parties. Other posts will describe how Donna and I manage to make the transition “cold turkey.” It has been a challenge, but more than that, it has been exciting and energizing.

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  1. Jacqui Walker

    Still reading through your blog and really enjoying it. I too have changed to a plant based diet – and have eliminated just as you have, meat, wheat and dairy. Eggs have now gone too! It was a cold turkey experience – and had to be me because of my serious illness.

    Have made a chick pea ‘bread’ as I can’t have wheat etc. It wasn’t bad! I’m going to make it again and adjust and add and the I’ll share!

    1. davidkater@mac.com Post author

      I’m so glad you had a chance to read through the blog. I’ll be posting another article on the Vege Story series soon; the associated recipes will have to come later.

      You mentioned before that you also have to avoid soy. That’s an addition challenge because several of my “Go To” meat substitutes such as the Gardein products contain soy. I’ll keep my eye out for soy and gluten free recipes.

      Your Chick pea ‘bread’ sounds interesting. I know that a lot of raw foodists make gluten-free bread with a dehydrator. I’ve tried it as well. It turns out more like a flat bread or biscuit. It’s something to investigate.


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